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The Warp and Weft of Memory

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In this long term artistic research project Renée Turner explored the wardrobe of Gisèle in writing, photographs, videos, and illustrations. She reflects on the intimacy of the closet, a life-writing, history, the privileges of class, and the persona of the female artist.

Annet Mooij on the upcoming biography of Gisèle

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On the symposium Diasporic Objects

In research for our future exhibition on conflicted (migration) heritage, the team of Castrum Peregrini attended the Symposium Diasporic Objects at the Research Center for Material Culture in Leiden. The symposium depicts the important role of diasporic objects in connecting, groups and individuals today.

Guided tour by Charlott Markus

This past March 4th, Charlott Markus guided us through the exhibition “Some Things Hidden”, a collaborative effort between Framer Framed and Castrum Peregrini. This project was composed by two exhibitions or two chapters of the same story – the year program called “The Female Perspectives” curated by Nina Folkersma.

NIETS IS OOIT AF - over herinneringsculturen

Verslag van de tentoonstelling & het programma over Indische herinneringsculturen. Zondag 24 september 2017, 16 uur. Met: Merapi Obermayer, Esther Captain, Edy Seriese, Het Geluid Maastricht en Erik Somers.

2017: The Female Perspective

Starting point of the 2017 programme is the artist and founder of Castrum Peregrini, Gisèle van Waterschoot van der Gracht (1912 – 2013). The life of Gisèle proves time and again to be a source of inspiration for artists, writers and intellectuals. Nevertheless, her female sex and more generally the female identity and sexuality have not been a theme in Castrum Peregrini's programme before. The Female Perspective zooms in on the 'womanhood' of Gisèle and the social and cultural meanings of female identity, sexuality, feminism and gender, both in relation to the historical context and to current events.

SYNCHRONICLE by Carina Erdmann

Photos from the exhibition opening and the artist talk with Daniel Vorthuys and 'objects also die' by Jacob Eriksen


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About Memory Machine

Memory Machine is the contemporary cultural programme of Castrum Peregrini. It includes exhibitions, lectures, debates, performances & publications on cultural memory & identity. The programme is realised together with many partners from Amsterdam and abroad. It explores how memory works, private memory and collective memory, and how the two are interrelated. How does memory shape and constitute our culture and our identity? What mechanisms are there to construct and deconstruct, use and abuse collective memory and identity?