Machiel Keestra

Lars Ebert invites members of Castrum Peregrinis´creative network to adopt a book from Castrum Peregrinis’ library and motivate their choice in a one minute video. Machiel Keestra is filosoof en verbonden aan het Instituut voor Interdisiciplinaire Studies van de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Hij houdt zich bezig met uiteenlopende onderwerpen als de antieke en moderne tragedie, […]

Undivided we stand! Outcomes Spinoza redux II

Hosted by Machiel Keestra this second edition of our series Spinoza redux turned out to be another highlight in our brand new project space. In case you have missed this evening or want to revisit the central thoughts here is what we could capture. This may grow with additional material or comment reaching us with […]

Undivided we stand! Programme Spinoza redux II

Reflections on music and politics, man and animals, body and mind: Spinoza redux 19 March 2009 “A man who  is guided by reason is more free in a society, where he lives according a  common decision, than in solitude, where he obeys only himself.” (Spinoza, Ethics IV P. 73)  Tolerance towards animals: up to what […]