FIT first meeting of project partners

Getting to know each other – planning the future   Questions: What are our individual organisation about? What is each organizations particular interest in the subject? What do we want to get out of the project? How doe we contribute to that purpose?   Statements made during discussions; questions raised by Ram Mannikalligam: 1) Fanaticism […]

Fanaticism as de-humanization

Bert van den Brink, Utrecht University, spoke under above title during Castrum Peregrini Central European Time kick-off workshop of FIT – ‘Fanaticism Indicator Test’ Do not quote or reproduce without written consent of the author: bert.vandenbrink[at] I was asked to give a philosophical reflection on fanaticism. Fanaticism has never been a topic in my research […]

Quotes on Fanaticism – D/EN

fr: fanatique oder lat. fanaticus = göttlich inspiriert. Bedeutungsebenen: I.             im engeren Sinn das Besessensein von einer Idee, Vorstellung oder Überzeugung („ein fanatischer Anhänger einer Ideologie oder einer Gruppierung“, meist also religiös und politisch motiviert.) II.            im weiteren Sinn eine besonders hohe emotionale Wertschätzung bestimmter Tätigkeiten, Interessengebiete (fanatischer „Motorrad-Freak“ oder „Fußball-Fan“) oder Objekte wie z. B. […]

Roundtable on Fanaticism

Europe has a long history of religious, political, racist and economical fanaticism that has had disastrous effects on the development of the continent. Today, fanatism is present in the tendencies towards nationalism and populism, religious movements, the call for strong leaders, exclusion of outsiders and minorities, intolerance towards different opinions and ways of life etc. […]

FIT – working conference

FIT – Fanaticism Indicator Test Project launch – first partners meeting – working conference Castrum Peregrini and Goethe Institut in association with the Dialogue Advisory Group Amsterdam 25 and 26 September 2009 Working language: English As a practical conclusion drawn from the project application we suggest to work in three strands: 1)         on the general […]

Fanaticism, inextricably connected to human life

Summary of the article “Fanatisme, van alle tijden, in alle mensen” by Dirk Jansen Introduction In finding my way through stories, studies and literature on the theme of fanaticism it struck me that most of the authors locate fanatic characteristics in distant, impersonal entities (Taliban, Nazis, inquisition etc.). Not much attention is paid to the […]

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