Castrum Peregrini 645, 1000 AP Amsterdam
Herengracht 401, 1017 BP Amsterdam

T: 0031 20 623 52 87

The public entrance is at the back of the building in the Beulingstraat.

Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9:30 – 18:00 hrs



Michael Defuster (executive director)
E: m.defuster(at)

Lars Ebert (programme co-ordinator)
E: l.ebert(at)

Frans Damman (communication, marketing, funding)
E: f.damman(at)

Judith Couvé (production)
E: stagiaire(at)

Eva Maria Thiel
E: productie(at)

For Castrum Peregrini Guesthouse
E: guesthouse(at)