The summer of EAP

In the forthcoming months, Castrum Peregrini will be involved in the organization and production of three different courses in Amsterdam, Bucharest and Marseille. These seminars are part of an ongoing project regarding diverse open educational programs which revolve around creative participatory practices. This is an initiative built by the European Academy of Participation (EAP) – an organization conformed by Castrum Peregrini and 9 other partners from different parts of Europe.


The course in Bucharest will be held in the National University of Arts Bucharest and in ARCUB – The Centre for Culture of the Bucharest Town Hall from the 11th to the 25th of May. Through a series of reflective site visits, the course will address topics such as heritage, participation and the construction of identity. Sociologists, architects, artists, art historians and political activists will be invited to share their practices and reflections on the democratization of heritage, the openness of institutions and their role in process of identity construction.


The Amsterdam course will take place from the 2nd to the 10th of June at Castrum Peregrini. On this occasion, the course will focus on peer-learning and horizontal knowledge exchange, providing a safe environment where the distinctions between teacher and students are erased. Castrum Peregrini will work as a pressure cooker where the participants from different disciplines will live, exchange, debate, cook and share ideas for a week.


Finally, the course in Marseille will be from the 2nd  to the 13th of July 2018, organized in collaboration with the University of Aix-Marseille. This course will focus on the fields of fine art, theatre and literature and especially on social engaged art framed within the logic of cultural mediation, administration and public space discourse. As a port city, Marseille is culturally rich and with a problematic history regarding immigration and colonialism. It is in this environment that the participants will have the opportunity to visit, explore and reflect using participatory methods.  


Living As Form EAP conference, Amsterdam 26-27 October 2017, photo by Maarten Nauw 


If you want any further information regarding the courses, the EAP or Castrum Peregrini, contact

Call for participation – EAP summer schools

Castrum Peregrini is excited to offer 15 fully financed places in 3 intensive course modules on participatory art in Bucharest (11-26 May), Amsterdam (2-10 June) and Marseille (2-12 July).

Participants will have the opportunity to address ethical and practical issues relating to participation, work with other dedicated artists and cultural practitioners from different European perspectives, and be able share their own knowledge and skills to their peers.

When creating the program for each course, the local culture and environment was taken into consideration. Participants will experience the city’s cultural landscapes, visit inspiring and challenging projects and meet guest artists that share their experience in situ.

The courses will be multidisciplinary and have each been designed so that participants will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the historical and contextual perspective and current debates around participatory artistic practice, including ethics.
  • Become aware of, and be able to draw on appropriate strategies and methodologies to work with diverse and collaborative approaches and co-creation.
  • Enhance their own participatory arts and/or curatorial practices ranging from generating the original ideas in partnership with others, to initiating and facilitating appropriate activists, to relenting critically on their own process.

Applicants must either be enrolled at a Master’s level or higher or have advanced artistic or cultural management experience.

If you are interested please send a letter of motivation to
Please note that the deadline is 15 February, 12:00!