Radio Interview


Wendelien van Oldenborgh

Thursday 29 June, 19 hrs

Castrum Peregrini in collaboration with Mister Motley
interview Wendelien van Oldenborgh Women + Difference

A radio interview with Wendelien van Oldenborgh about women and difference. Interviewer Luuk Heezen will talk with Van Oldenborgh for one hour about the representation of these themes in her work, notable in her presentation Cinema Olanda in the Dutch pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale. The radio interview will be live-streamed on Facebook. This presentation is part of The Female Perspective of Castrum Peregrini, a year programme by curator Nina Folkersma.

Afterwards, the interview will be broadcoasted on the radio programme ‘Kunst is Lang’ of Mister Motley.  Follow also the article series about Gender on the pop-up blog of media partner Mister Motley.



 Wednesday 28 June 2017, English spoken

this evening is fully booked

This event started from the think tank gatherings at Castrum Peregrini called Castrum Peregrini Dialogue  ‘Living in Diversity’ in collaboration with European Cultural Foundation. A number of ideas for a more inclusive society developed from these meetings. Wednesday 28 june participants of the think tank will participate in this programme. They will start the discussion with a number of the authors that contributed to the publication Do I Belong?, to be presented in Amsterdam on Wednesday 28th June. Do I Belong? Is a publication by the Bruno Kreisky Forum Vienna published by Pluto Press.

During a panel talk in the studio of the founding mother of Castrum Peregrini, the artist Gisèle (1912 -2013), a discussion will be moderated with the following international panelmembers about questions of inclusivity from a personal perspective:

  • Zia Haider Rahman (author, UK),
  • Diana Pinto (historian, FR),
  • Antony Lerman (analyst, UK) en
  • Seyda Emek (judge, DE)


new publication

170118_CP_omslag_The_House_of_GiseleHouse of Gisèle

This publication features highlights from three years of Memory Machine – We Are What We Remember, a rich programme of exhibitions, lectures and debates organized by Castrum Peregrini in Amsterdam, including unique pictures of the House of Gisèle

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