Emerging HiStories 

Opening 27 January 2017, 17 hrs
On show until 10 March 2017
Open Tuesday – Friday, 12-18 hrs

The tradition of survival; stories and objects of refugees. Composed by Özkan Gölpinar and Nadette de Visser.

radio-1A collection of 20 symbolic objects and stories about flight, ordeal and growth. Through the stories and objects, collected at the Turkish-Syrian border, in the Netherlands and in Germany, ‘we’ connect with ‘the other’. Emerging [Hi]Stories tells the story about the condition humain of being a refugee. Placed in the studio of Gisèle, these objects and stories create a dialogue with the history of Castrum Peregrini.  Read more.


Round Table Conversation
Home and Belonging

Tuesday 28 February 2017, 20.00 hrs

Havaintokuva_PulkkinenWhile the ongoing war in Syria has caused millions of people to be displaced rendering them homeless, questions of identity and home have become acutely topical. Castrum Peregrini and the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux are organizing a discussion event on the topic of “Home and Belonging”, investigating mobility of people and belongings.

Umayya Abu-Hanna an Amsterdam-based journalist and writer with palestinian roots, Özkan Gölpinar publicist and a member of the Dutch Cultural Council, Aleksi Malmberg the director of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, will discuss the process of the formation of value and function, but also the utopias and realities of human migration.

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new publication

170118_CP_omslag_The_House_of_GiseleHouse of Gisèle

This publication features highlights from three years of Memory Machine – We Are What We Remember, a rich programme of exhibitions, lectures and debates organized by Castrum Peregrini in Amsterdam, including unique pictures of the House of Gisèle

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