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Merapi Obermayer

Merapi Obermayer

Wat voor taal je ook spreekt, zonder wind zal er geen

verspreiding zijn

21 t/m 24 September 2017

Tentoonstelling en bijbehorend programma met bijdragen van o.a. Merapi Obermayer, Esther Captain, Het Geluid Maastricht en Erik Somers.



by Carina Erdmann

Thursday evening 28 September, 20 hrs, vernissage (programme)

Friday 29 September 12 – 18 hrs, open for visitors

Saturday 30 September 16 – 18 hrs, finissage (programme)

Objects as mute witnesses retain the history they have experienced, like a vessel. Through the sensibilities of associative minds and bodies, objects can voice their material past, engaging in a dialogue across the limits of space and time. Rather than presenting a coherent version of truth, new reflexive story lines are established at the intersections and fractions of collective memory.

A videoloop of “Synchronicle” alongside the publication ‘House of Stories’ containing ten commissioned texts, is on display at Castrum Peregrini during the mentioned opening hours.

Synchronicle by Carina Erdmann

Synchronicle by Carina Erdmann



Ukraine: culture in conflict II

Panel Discussion
15 October 2017, 19 hrs

With Ivan Krastev, Fleur de Weerd and Vasyl Cherepanyn. This evening is a collaboration with the European Cultural Foundation.


Living as Form

International Conference
26 and 17 October 2017

This conference discusses the political and ethical dimension of participatory artin alternative learning spaces. It is part of the EU Erasmus+ funded project European Academy of Participation (EAP).


Some Things Hidden

Exhibition and event programme
November 2017

In the frame of The Female Perspective curated by Nina Folkersma in collaboration with Charlott Markus.

Open Rehearsals/Exhibition
15-17 November 2017, 12-18 hrs
18 November 2017, 13-18 hrs

During Amsterdam Art Weekend
23 – 26 November 2017, 13-18 hrs