Castrum Peregrini was a hiding place at the Amsterdam Herengracht during the occupation of the Netherlands.  Art and poetry were key to the survival of the group of young hiders. After the war the house became a meeting point for artists, writers and thinkers, an artistic community publishing a magazine and organizing cultural events. With a reference to history the current activities of Castrum Peregrini relate to its core values freedom, friendship and culture. Thematic and multidisciplinary activities around these values are realized in local, national and international partnerships.  The historic building of Castrum Peregrini houses the original hiding floor, living spaces, Gisèles’ studio, library, archive and gallery space for exhibitions and events. Have a look at the agenda for upcoming events.

Past and ongoing activities

Thematic year programmes

2011 We Are Alle Fanatics!
A series of events and publication on the phenomenon of group fanaticism.

2012 In me the Paradox of Liberty
A series of events and publication on the meaning of freedom today

2013 My Friend. My Enemy. My Society.
A series of events and publications on the meaning of friendship in society


Openingsevening 25 april 2013, with Peter Sloterdijk, Merel de Groot, Abdelkader Benali, Jeroen van Kan, Ed Spanjaard en Henk Neven. Foto Simon Bosch.


Aura (2009)
Curated by Michiel van Iersel; With works of Susanne Kriemann, Alexandra Leykauf, John Kleckner, Chris Kabel, Simon van Keulen, Gisèle, Max Beckmann, Jan Toorop en Walter Benjamin.

Networking Books (2010)
Mapping a creative network and creating a temporary canon in the library of Castrum Peregrini.

Matter of Monument (2011)
Curated by Saskia van Stein and Huib Haye van der Werf. With works of Michiel Schuurman, Bas de Wit, Inti Hernandez, Simon Bosch, e.a.

You Are All Individuals (2011)
Curated by Nina Folkersma as part of the series We Are Alle Fanatics! With works of Yael Bartana, Daya Cahen, Köken Ergun, Enrique Marty, Daniel Svarre.

Paradox of Liberty (2012)
Curated by Paco Barragan as part of the series In me the paradox of liberty. With works of Erika Harrsch, Majeed Beenteha, Eugenio Merino, Erwin Olaf, Terry Rodgers, Siri Hermansen, Gordon Cheung, Alex Rodríguez, Piers Secunda, Andrés Serrano, Eli Cortiñas, Yvette Mattern.

[s]elected (2012)
Noninees of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Award: Lukas Hoffmann, Sara Glahn, Laura Pappa, Anna Navndrup, Marieke Berghuis, Elisabeth Leerssen, Christopher Holloran, Jacob Gallant Raeder, Leanie van der Vyver

Now and Then. Between Layers of Memory(2012)
Work of Iosif Kiraly curated by Maria Rus Bojan.

Shapeshifting (2013)
Curated by Maria Barnas and Danila Cahen as part of the series My Friend. My Enemy. My Society. With works of Maria Barnas, Daya Cahen, Dina Danish, Alfredo Jaar, Simon van Keulen, Alon Levin, Aernout Mik, Willem de Rooij, Rob Schröder, Jan Svankmajer, Jasmijn Visser, Felix Weigand.




European projects, residencies and boarder crossing collaborations

Fanaticism (2009 – 2011)
A European community fundet project (FAT 2009-2011) with a lot of spin-off and ongoing activities around the theme of group-fanaticism.

Mapping Future Heritage (2011-2013)
A project in collaboration with the Centre for Humanities at the University of Lviv, Ukraine and the National University of the Arts, Bucharest, Romania.

Curator/Thinker-In-Residence (ongoing)
A coollaborative residence programme with the Goethe Institut Niederlande.

TimeCase (2012-2014)
A European project on cultural memory and participation

Silent Heroes (2013-2015)
A European project on WWII Hiding Places and their role in museumeducation

A house as a muse (ongoing)
In 2009 Amie Dicke made her first artwork in a historic interior of Castrum Peregrini. Related projects and research get a continuity through a grant (2013/2015) by Mondriaan Fund.



Evening salons

Redux (2009/2010/2012)
3 speakers and one moederator each give a short statement realting their own work to a thought of an influential figure from the past: Spinoza, Hannah Arendt, Georg Büchner, Elias Canetti… They come back to life in contemporary work from various disciplines.

Mythes (2010-2012)
Series inspired by Roland Barthes: deconstructing Myths of today that reveal insights in current society and culture.

Evenings in partnership
Book presentations, expert talks, Museumnacht Amsterdam, Fringe festival,- worth while cross-overs




Baeke e a -De waarheid is een vrouw LR

Past publication
like the Castrum Peregrini Periodical (1950-2007) and books of the Castrum Peregrini Press can be best found second hand.

Castrum Peregrini. Neue Folge. at Wallstein Verlag, Göttingen

Fanatismo, one-off magazine, 2011

Vreihijd, one-off magazine, 2012

De Vriend, one-off magazine, 2013

De waarheid is een vrouw. I.s.m Cossee, 2013

You can purchase these publications at Castrum Peregrini during office hours and at events.

Have a look at the agenda

for upcoming events.



Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht  (1912 – 2013) founder of Castrum Peregrini, with Lars Ebert, Frans Damman and Michael Defuster



Organistational structure


Castrum Peregrini is a foundation with a board and a programme advisory group, both honorary. The executive director, the programme manager and the communcation/marketing-manager work as a team to devleop the foundations policies, initiate and manage projects and to sustain the foundations heritage. Castrum Perergini works with free lance project workers, teachers and trainers. A pool of volunteers contributes to the everyday running of the organisation.


Michael Defuster – executive director
Lars Ebert – programme manager
Frans Damman – communication and marketing manager
Board of Castrum Peregrini. Foto by Taco Anema..

Jan Rozenbroek – voorzitter
Wouter Poot - penningmeester
Ute Oelmann - secretaris
Jan Baeke
Erik Somers
Marius Rijntjes
Maarten Meijer

Programme Advisory Group
Anneke Jansen - Fringe Festival
Jan Baeke – Poetry International
Truus Ophuysen – ELIA
Michiel van Iersel – Non-Fiction
Maarten Bul - SSBA Salon
Iris van de Tuin - Univeristeit van Utrecht
Joachim Umlauf - Goethe Institut Parijs
Alfred Marseille - Zeezeilen
Eric Wie - COBRA Museum

Stichting Castrum Peregrini is a Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI).

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Beleidsplan Castrum Peregrini 2014
Financiële verantwoording CP 2012 en 2013