Castrum Peregrini was a hiding place at the Amsterdam Herengracht during the occupation of the Netherlands.  Art and poetry were key to the survival of the group of young hiders. After the war the house became a meeting point for artists, writers and thinkers, an artistic community publishing a magazine and organizing cultural events. With a reference to history the current activities of Castrum Peregrini relate to its core values freedom, friendship and culture. Thematic and multidisciplinary activities around these values are realized in local, national and international partnerships.  The historic building of Castrum Peregrini houses the original hiding floor, living spaces, Gisèles’ studio, library, archive and gallery space for exhibitions and events.


Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht  (1912 – 2013) founder of Castrum Peregrini, with Lars Ebert, Frans Damman and Michael Defuster



Organistational structure

Castrum Peregrini is a foundation with a board and a programme advisory group, both honorary. The staff consists of three members, their reward programme is approved by the board. For projects Castrum Perergini works with free lance project workers, teachers and trainers. A pool of volunteers contributes to the everyday running of the organisation.

The executive director, the programme manager and the communcation/marketing-manager work as a team to devleop the foundations policies, initiate and manage projects and to sustain the foundations heritage.

Michael Defuster – executive director
Lars Ebert – programme manager
Frans Damman – communication and marketing manager

Jan Rozenbroek – voorzitter
Wouter Poot - penningmeester
Ute Oelmann - secretaris
Jan Baeke
Erik Somers
Marius Rijntjes
Maarten Meijer

Board of Castrum Peregrini. Foto by Taco Anema.


Programme Advisory Group:
Anneke Jansen - Fringe Festival
Jan Baeke – Poetry International
Truus Ophuysen – ELIA
Michiel van Iersel – Non-Fiction
Chris Julien - SSBA Salon
Iris van de Tuin - Univeristeit van Utrecht
Joachim Umlauf - Goethe Institut Parijs
Alfred Marseille - Zeezeilen
Eric Wie - COBRA Museum

Castrum Peregrini works in partnership with local and international partners.

Castrum Peregrini’s strategic academic partner is the Graduate Gender Programme (GGGender Studies eP) of  Utrecht University



Stichting Castrum Peregrini is a Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI).

Castrum Peregrini

Herengracht 401



Fiscaal Nummer: 0029.63.346

Beleidsplan Castrum Peregrini 2014

financiële verantwoording CP 2011 en 2012


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