Reaction on publications on Wolfgang Frommel

We follow the subsequent publications on one of Castrum Peregrini’s founders Wolfgang Frommel with thorough interest. When we broke with his tradition (the Castrum Peregrini journal, a hermetic circle of friends based on the heritage of Stefan George), we were met with great resistance from the heirs of Wolfgang Frommel. Now, 10 years later, members of that very same circle begin to speak about traumatic experiences they made sexually and in terms of inter-dependence. Not all of them speak out so clearly against Frommel, there are also voices that defend Wolfgang Frommel or seek the nuances in memory. We as the current generation of Castrum Peregrini, that have turned away from the heritage of Frommel – not because we knew of any abuse, but because we felt his story was anachronistic and that the story of Gisèle served as inspiration for us and deserved attention while she was still alive – are glad that the post-war generation of Frommel disciples start to get to terms with their past. We fully support this process, invite them to talk – in private and in public – and do whatever we can to be helpful for the independent academic research into the history of Wolfgang Frommels circle that has been initiated by Nicole Colin (UvA) and that is supervised by a commission chaired by Rosemarie Buikema. We encourage the heirs of Wolfgang Frommel that are organised in and around the Wolf van Cassel Stichting and the Stichting Memoriaal to do the same.