Lars Ebert

Lars Ebert, (international) co-operation projects

“I did an internship at Castrum Peregrini in 1999 and was fascinated by the house and its stories and quickly became friends first with Michael and later with Frans. Michaels urge to make Castrum Peregrini viable for the future became a driving force of our friendship. In this ongoing conversation we see our own meaning making in the light of our work.

From Gisèle I learned to look at things instead of seeing them and to be serious and yet playful. When she was very old and Frans, Michael and I took care of her we became a small and intimate family. She was refreshingly open to change and enjoyed it that we developed Castrum Peregrini from a closed, rather obscure community into an open place for artists. She loved to have young, creative people around. I owe her a deep feeling of belonging to Castrum Peregrini that became my home. Thinking of her makes me smile and reminds me why the future of Castrum Peregrini matters so much to me.

Michael, Frans and I are partners in life and in work and honestly I don’t know where the one starts and the other ends. We live where we work and vice versa and literally need to travel to our refuge in Athens to find distance. When one day we leave Castrum Peregrini in the hands of the next generation we will continue to look for a meaningful life together, and that may very well be in Greece.

We all do a bit of everything, as one does in a small, horizontal organisation, but my passion lies in international co-operation, European projects and longer term, process based projects such as our collaborations with the Goethe-Institut, the Bruno Kreisky Forum, the European Cultural Foundation e.a.

I dream of Castrum Peregrinis future as a vibrant meeting place and a respected centre for artistic research, new ideas and concepts for open and inclusive societies. I hope that many more generations can make use of the stories of Castrum Peregrini and feel at home here, leave their traces and write their own, new and unexpected chapters of the story.”