SYNCHRONICLE by Carina Erdmann


by Carina Erdmann

28 – 30 September 2017

OPENING Thursday 28th September:

20.00 film on loop 21.00 artist talk with Daniel Vorthuys

21.30 ‘objects also die’ by Jacob Eriksen
Friday 29 September, 12 – 18 hrs open

Saturday 30 September, 16 – 18 hrs finissage (programme)

on display:

a video installation and photo series


the publication ‘HOUSE OF STORIES’ containing 10 commissioned texts.

On Thursday evening, Jakob Eriksen will perform a live version of ‘Objects Also Die’ consisting of the sonic material developed for ‘House Of Stories’ and ‘Synchronicle’



Objects as mute witnesses retain the history they have experienced, like a vessel. Through the sensibilities of associative minds and bodies, objects can voice their material past, engaging in a dialogue across the limits of space and time. Rather than presenting a coherent version of truth, new reflexive story lines are established at the intersections and fractions of collective memory.

FINISSAGE Sunday 30 september: