n8 2012 art in hiding, art in crisis

Programme Museumnacht at Castrum Peregrini

3 November 2012, 19 – 02 hrs

Art in hiding,

art in crisis

Castrum Peregrini was a safe house in WWII, where the youngsters hiding concentrated intensively on poetry and art to maintain their mental freedom and to develop their personal talent.

Visit  this originally preserved historic hiding floor, where you can see art of the people in hiding and experience the power of poetry. The Gerrit Rietveld Academy shows the best exam works of 2012 that build a bridge between then and now.

With a guided tour, an art exposition, a performance and a continuing cycle of lectures.

Guided tour:

Messages of hope

How can you hide for years without losing your mind? With friends and with art!

Visit the original WWII hiding Floor, meet Quinsy Gario and detect the poetry survival kit.

Every half hour. Reservation at the entrance.



the Conversational Piece

Balthazar Berling and Lukas Hoffmann are in conversation in the triangular room. Get a refreshing coconut at the bar, attend the performance and get it opened.

Every half hour. Reservations at the bar


Lectures in a loop

  • Nina Folkersma, independent curator and art critic, will introduce and show ‘The Beauty of Austerity’, a film by Guido Giglio about the ethics and aesthetics of austerity, the crisis of Europe and the future of the Third World.
  • Ronit Eden, independent curator and exhibitions designer will show and tell about Chiara’s stairs, a story of love, loss, and new beginnings.
  • Beatrice von Bormann, art historian and exhibition maker, ‘
    will talk about the symbolic significance of ladders and bridges in Max Beckmann’s work. Interview with GRA artist
  • Gregor Langfeld, art historian and Beatrice van Bormann invite us to join the dinner table of Max Beckman and artists in exile in Amsterdam
  • Erik Somers, historian, will talk about art during the occupation of the Netherlands and will enter a conversation with eye witnesses Rien Buter and Lili Jampoller.
  • Ann Meskens, philosopher, asks the question how much history an artist needs to face the future?
  • Henk van der Waal, author and philosopher, reads poems from his book Zelf worden, inspired by a picture of the of the group of friends that was hiding at Castrum Peregrini.


Meet the artists of

the exhibition [s]elected,

featuring the nominees for the Gerrit Rietveld Award 2012. Throughout the evening there will be interviews with the student-artists.


Enjoy nice food and a drink at the bar,- for crisis prices!

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