Blaxtar at Ballad Portal Meeting

12 june, 20 hrs, Spoken music at Castrum Peregrini, Herengracht 401, Amsterdam, 5 euro admission fee.

Kevin de Randamie, a.k.a. Blaxtar, likes to shock and awe. On the 31st of March he came out with his 3rd album (Ozmo6:2) release event at the legendary Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam, with the first hip hop concert to be held silent disco style at this location.

Kevins music, arts and entertainment company, Raen Industries, aims to shed light in new areas. Spoken is one of Raen Industries events, lasting approximately 3 hours, offering a platform for artists to express their inner selves/talents via a performance without music in front of a diverse audience. It is a moment where the artist shares his/her experiences with the public. Interaction is allowed and intelligence is triggered and stimulated. The last Spoken event was located in De Duif Monumental Church in Amsterdam. Individuals of different nationalities, religions, and ages came together in this church performing and communicating with other artists of divers backgrounds.


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