Between Breakfast and Lunch 21-02-2010

Creative Network Meeting

Host Frans Damman asked non-finctions’ Michiel van Iersel and Juha van ‘t Zelfde for this invite only event, to present and discuss their work. The context was formed by Castrum Peregrinis’ heritage and future.

Everyone brought wonderful food and thoughtful inspiration. Our brunches gain shape and we enjoy it enourmously. What a potential! It was a pleasure for us and we thank all guests and especially Juha and Michiel on behalf of Frans, todays host. While the new programme of Castrum Peregrini – Intellectual Playground is in its second seizon it is good to stand still and reflect our visions. Especially the aspects of heritage, stories and community will certainly come back in our work.

Ad Aerts, Mary Holhuis, Eva Pel, Mirjam Bekker-Stoop, Darija Kalkan,  Eric Wie, Sarah van Sonsbeeck, Dolph Heyning, Machteld de Vos van Steenwijk,  Jarrik Ouburg, Anne Vroegop, Radna Rumping, Ingmar de Bruin, John Lonsdale, Amie Dicke, Dea Salome, Martijn de Waal, Hans Aarsman, Saskia Kriekhaus. 

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