Welcome at Castrum Peregrini,

Magazine PDFa safe house from WWII, where art and friendship played a crucial role to survive.

Castrum Peregrinis’ core values freedom, friendship & culture refer to the foundations history. They motivate our activities that explore issues of todays society such as diversity, belonging and engagement.

Memory Machine is the current series of exhibitions, debates, performances & publications on cultural memory & identity. See the agenda for upcoming events.



Silent Heroes

The first phase of our project about helpers and rescuers during WWII and their representation today is coming to an end. We are proud to launch silentheroes.eu for you to discover amazing strories, inspiring projects and dilemmas of dealing with history.



SONY DSCWith important-souvnirs.com Amsterdam based artist Amie Dicke takes us along her investigations in the building of Castrum Peregrini. Amies work reveals a surprising and insightful perspective on Castrum Peregrini’s history, its physical traces and the life of the founder artist Gisèle van Waterschoot van der Gracht.


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